ALPHA MEDICAL LTD is a Greek diagnostics company.

fcfgvhj kjn jnjnbihbh oughbihygb rcycvuv ALPHA MEDICAL is the first company that introduced quality control to Greek Blood Banks and other Labs that work with infectious diseases. 

ALPHA MEDICAL is the exclusive importer of high quality Diagnostic products, from Europe and USA.

ALPHA MEDICAL's goal is to establish a strong quality control system to all Greek Laboratories and to help them to improve the quality of their services while simultaneously reducing unnecessary costs.

ALPHA MEDICAL is also providing products  to other diagnostic  fields, for use in Blood Banks and Microbiological  & Biochemical Laboratories.

ALPHA MEDICAL  maintains its position among Greece's most respected companies by continuous efforts to bring new high standard products and extending its services for the quality management in Greek Laboratories.

Every day ALPHA MEDICAL people are try to improve the service to Laboratories.

This effort helps our goal which is to improve the quality of the health system in Greece.



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